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Custom Eyebrow Mapping And Design

THE EYEBROW: A Prominent Facial Feature of the highest importance when considering facial expression, youthfulness, and beauty. Well defined eyebrows correct flaws, balance the face, frame and accentuate the eyes.

“A well-groomed brow can create a polished look that enhances your appearance. Even without a drop of makeup, a woman with well-kept eyebrows will typically appear more clean and refined.” New York Institute of Beauty

Eyebrow Shape

Custom Eyebrow Creations

When determining the eyebrow shape, it is essential to consider individual eye shape and face shape. The eyebrows enhance the beauty of the eyes and flatter the face shape.

For example, straighter brows with a slight arch would best suit a long face shape, as the goal is to widen the long angles. A round face shape would be better suited with an eyebrow shape that has a high arch and slim tails, as this creates the illusion that the face is less round than it actually is.

Eyebrow Placement

Eyebrow Placement

The facial expression, facial symmetry, and bone structure are crucial factors in eyebrow mapping. Together these factors create the formula for where the eyebrows should be placed on each face (three-dimensional space).

To ensure that all angles are covered, measurements are taken while laying down, seated, and standing. All measurements are taken with the use of professional measuring tools and equipment to ensure precise eyebrow placement.

Eyebrow Style

Style is based on the client’s personal preference as we can create versatile looks, from natural to more glamorous with Digital machine technology.

Eyebrow Colour And Healed Results

The Fitzpatrick Scale, Colour Theory, Skin type, skin texture, and skin undertone are all factors used to help determine colour retention and the choice of pigment colour.

Eyebrow Colour And Healed Results

Did you know that the skin undertone is not the same as the colour of the skin?

Skin undertone is the colouration underneath the skin’s surface and is determined by the vascular system. As such, this directly contributes to the choice of pigment colour as the skin undertone adds its own additional colour to the pigment and directly affects the healed results. Therefore, the pigment can be applied to different skin colours because of how the skin undertone affects the final colour.

When Skin characteristics such as skin type and skin texture are taken into consideration, the healed results and final pigment choice can be determined.

The longevity of healed results is unique to each individual since each of us has different genetic compositions, ages of skin, types of work, lifestyles, and we are subject to varying amounts of environmental exposure.

Eyebrow design services

Pre-procedure Consultation – Complimentary

All aspects of 3D Nano Brow Tattooing and custom eyebrow design will be discussed with each client during the Pre-Procedure Consultation. If you are considering having the 3DNano Brow Tattooing done for yourself, we encourage you to book a Pre-Procedure Consultation as this is the place to start to educate yourself and find out if it’s right for you.

Once we can meet and complete a thorough analysis virtually, we will provide you with our professional recommendations. We are offering this Pre-Procedure Consultation on a complimentary basis to everyone interested in 3D Nano Brow Tattooing. Once a Pre-Procedure Consultation has been booked, clients will receive a confirmation e-mail about their scheduled booking.

This dedicated 30-minute Pre-Procedure Consultation consists of the following components:

Book Pre-Procedure Consultation

COVID-19 2020 COMPASSIONATE PRICING is being offered by BEAUTY BY SHAZMA for 3D Nano Brow Tattooing to everyone who books a FREE Pre-Procedure Consultation with us by July 31, 2021. Initial Appointment and 2 Month Touch-Up Services are both included in this offer for $375.00 + tax.

Nano Brow Tattooing (3D Eyebrows) – Initial Appointment - $575.00 + Tax

Now that the Pre-Procedure Consultation has been completed and you have booked your Initial Appointment with us, WELCOME to BEAUTY BY SHAZMAand Thank You. GRATITUDE IS A MUST!

Initial Appointment consists of the following components:

Nano Brow Tattooing (3d Eyebrows) – Initial Appointment

Nano Brow Tattooing (3D Eyebrows) – 2 Month Brow Touch Up- $150.00 +Tax

Nano Brow Tattooing Before and After

This appointment is scheduled 2 months after the Initial Appointment so that the skin is healed and final healed results are apparent.

Our world is changing daily, and so are we; therefore, a Pre-Procedure Consultation is required every time before any of our services are completed. A Pre-Procedure Consultation that is booked for a touch up is shorter in duration, 15 minutes.

Nano Brow Tattooing (3D Eyebrows) - 4 - 6 Month Brow Touch Up - $250.00 + Tax

Nano Brow Tattooing Before and After

This service is for existing clients who personally prefer an earlier touch-up.

Welcome Back! Let’s get a 4-6 Month Pre-Procedure Consultation booked.

4-6 MONTH BROW TOUCH UP consists of the following components:

Nano Brow Tattooing (3D Eyebrows) – 7 Months To 1 Year Brow Touch Up - $400 + Tax

For existing clients ONLY. All new clients need to book a Pre-Procedure Consultation. The majority of our clients book this appointment to maintain eyebrow shape, style, and colour.

We are happy you are back! It’s been a while since we last saw you. Let us get a 7 MONTHS TO 1 YEAR Pre-Procedure Consultation booked for you.

7 MONTHS TO 1 YEAR BROW TOUCH UP consists of the following components:

Nano Brow Tattooing (3d Eyebrows)

Nano Brow Tattooing (3D Eyebrows) – 1+ Year Brow Touch Up (After 1 Year Even By One Day)- $575

1+ YEAR BROW TOUCH UP is for existing clients ONLY. After 1 year, we would need to start all over again.

Welcome Back! You know the drill; let’s get started again and get you booked in for 1+ YEAR Pre-Procedure Consultation.

1+ YEAR BROW TOUCH UP consists of the following components:


All aspects of custom eyebrow design will be discussed with each client during the Pre-Procedure Consultation.