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Health And Safety

Think Before You Ink

Our Commitment To Your Health And Safety

Our philosophy is that the well-being of our company and clients is dependent on the manner in which we conduct our business and our own commitment to a safe work environment. No job is regarded so urgent that time cannot be taken to do it in a safe manner. The welfare of the individual is our greatest concern.

BEAUTY BY SHAZMA is a controlled environment. All aspects of our business from the choice of our location to the design of our studio was developed with your privacy, health, and safety in mind. We offer our services in a private location by appointment only, so you reserve our studio to yourself and we fully dedicate our time and attention to you. This dedicated one on one time has been allocated to you so we can ensure that you are looked after and ensure that our environment remains controlled.

Think Before You Ink – Alberta Health Services

It is important to make an educated decision when considering cosmetic tattooing. BEAUTY BY SHAZMA encourages individuals who are considering the Nano Brow Tattooing procedure to consider Alberta Health Services advise to “Think Before You Ink”.

We have also attached a printable version of Alberta Health Services Think Before You Ink Checklist, so that you are informed on your rights and legislated requirements.

Our Ink

When it comes to ink, BEAUTY BY SHAZMA is a fan of the LI PIGMENTS line. Inks are inorganic or combo, iron-oxide pigments that have had no reported reactions for over 25 years.

Material Safety Data Sheet for LI PIGMENTS: LI Pigments MSDS

Safety Data Sheet for LI PIGMENTS: Li Pigments SDS

Our Needles

Our needles are manufactured by BIOMASER, a well known and highly reputable manufacturer in the industry.

All needles are:

Client Suitability

Beyond a safe studio space, our professionally trained and certified PermanentBeauty Specialist’s will work with you to ensure that the Nano Brow Tattooing Procedure is right for you. This includes identification of allergies, previous medical history, current health, and recent procedures that could impact your health and safety and/or the healed results of your Nano Brow Tattoo.

For example, we do not recommend Nano Brow Tattooing for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Due to the hormones being secreted during this time, a local anesthetic cannot be applied safely, healed results would show poor pigment retention, and the eyebrows would fade faster. We recommend booking an appointment after breastfeeding has concluded.

In the case of a client who is concerned about an allergic reaction, we recommend that a Patch Test be completed prior to the actual Nano Brow Tattooing Procedure. During the Pre-Procedure Consultation we will thoroughly investigate all aspects related to your health and safety and make recommendations on an individual basis.

We welcome you to book a Pre-Procedure Consultation with us free of charge.

Link: Pre-Procedure Consultation – Yocale Link

Pre & Post 3D Nano Brow Tattooing

Pre 3D Nano Brow Tattooing Considerations

Before your 3D Nano Brow Tattooing procedure, it is important to take the following information into consideration:


If you have been on Accutane within the last year or have had laser surgery to remove a previous eyebrow tattoo within the last year, we recommend you schedule your appointment after the one-year mark.          

We recommend that our clients refrain from Botox and Invasive Facials for one month before and after they come in for their procedure.

For 14 days prior to your appointment please avoid the following:

Pre & Post 3D Nano Brow Tattooing

Post 3D Nano Brow Tattooing Procedure

It is important to care for your eyebrow tattoo after your appointment in order to ensure the best retention and prevent infection.

Duration Of Healing Stage Of Healing
2 Hours
Any redness or irritation will decrease.
Day 1 – 3
Avoid sweating and all water contact on new brows.
Day 1 – 5
Color may appear very light at 5 days as your skin is resurfacing. The color will reappear.
Day 4 – 10
If you are not allergic, apply the Vitamin A & D ointment provided to you with a Q-Tip every couple of hours. Aveeno® Unscented may be used as an alternative.
Day 10
These are NOT the true results of the eyebrow tattooing, as the pigment has not yet peeled completely. They will look DARK and INTENSE. As the skin beneath continues to heal and starts flaking or peeling, the color will fade considerably.
Day 14
Eyebrows are nearly fully healed and on Day 15 regular activities can be resumed (unrestricted).
6 – 8 Weeks
Eyebrows should be fully healed, and the final color will be apparent.

DO NOT pick, peel, or scratch as this could cause scarring or removal of color.

DO NOT touch the affected area except for applying the Vitamin A & D ointment.

DO NOT be alarmed if it appears that most of the color is flaking off – this is normal healing.

Avoid While Healing

For the first 14 days after your procedure please avoid the following: