Beauty by Shazma

Frequently Asked Questions

Eyebrows will fade blue after a cosmetic tattooing if a straight black pigment was applied during the procedure. We DO NOT apply straight black pigment on eyebrows.

BEAUTY BY SHAZMA is fully compliant and up to date with the privacy, safety, and health requirements legislated by The Government of Canada, The Province of Alberta, and The City of Calgary.

Date of Last Safety Inspection: May 5, 2020

Yes, all Permanent Beauty Specialist’s are professionally educated, trained, and certified in the art of 3D Nano Brow Tattooing.

You are under the legal age to provide consent (18 years old in Canada)

You have been diagnosed with a viral or bacterial infection

You have an active skin irritation on or around the tattoo site

You are pregnant or breast feeding

You are actively undergoing chemotherapy

In this case, we recommend that a Patch Test be completed prior to the actual procedure. We will complete a full inquiry during the Pre-Procedure Consultation.

A chance with your health and safety is not a risk that we are willing to take. If any of the following apply to you, please be advised it is a risk to your health and safety and cosmetic tattooing is not advisable:

You have been diagnosed with AIDS, HIV or Hepatitis

You have been diagnosed with Diabetes

You have been diagnosed with Epilepsy

You have a pacemaker or any major heart problems

You have had an organ transplant

You have an allergy to nuts

As there are several factors that need to be individually addressed, we advise you to send us an e-mail at and we will be able to personally assist you.

No. Payment for parking and bus tickets are covered by BEAUTY BY SHAZMA. Thank you for coming to visit us!

The pain is similar to threading and waxing.

If you wish, we do have topical numbing agents such as Emla Cream and Dr Numb the we can apply for you an hour before your appointment so that your eyebrows are completely numb by the time we begin your procedure. Time for numbing process is taken into consideration in the appointment time.

All major credit cards and e-transfer.

Cosmetic Tattooing does not intervene or interfere with the hair growth process in any way. Maintenance in terms of hair growth will still be required after 3D Nano Brow Tattooing.

Please contact us directly via phone or text at 587-917-5579 or by e-mail at