Beauty by Shazma

Eyebrow Tattoo Specialists

At BEAUTY BY SHAZMA we are a Professional Eyebrow Tattoo Specialists and Canadian Permanent Beauty provider located in Calgary, specializing in 3D Nano Brow Tattooing the use of advanced Digital Machine Technology.

All of our permanent makeup/tattoo services are provided in a controlled, private, and safe studio space to suitable clients looking fabulous beauty results from professional semi-permanent makeup specialists.

As professionally trained and certified Permanent makeup specialists in Calgary, we have been able to provide direct long term, innovative, and time-saving beauty solutions to our clients through the use of Digital Music Technology.

While delivering these straight forward solutions to our clients, our experience has taught us that providing this service to our clients indirectly influenced positive change in individuals in terms of well-being, confidence, and morale.

Eyebrow Tattoo Specialists

Our Story

Shazma - Professional Eyebrow Tattoo Specialists and Canadian Permanent Beauty Provider

As a Disability Management Specialist with over 10 years of experience in the Corporate Disability Management industry, it was my duty to minimize the social and financial impacts of an illness or injury; and I loved every minute of it because helping people was always a part of my day.

In December of 2012, my life drastically changed when a motor vehicle accident rendered me totally disabled and unable to complete the normal activities of daily living. I remember the days when getting dressed every morning and putting on makeup was a huge challenge; drawing on my eyebrows was out of the question, let alone drawing them on evenly every day. With the number of medical appointments that I had, I really did not have the time either and it was frustrating.

Eventually, the severity of my injuries led to me getting my own eyebrows tattooed using the 3D Nano Brow Tattooing Technique. After hours of research for the perfect technique, I found this method to be the most current and effective while providing the most long-lasting and natural results.

At the time of my appointment, I did not know that the artist who worked her magic on me would one day end up being my teacher and mentor.

After my eyebrows were done, I could not stop smiling, and my brows looked great. I had finally won the battle of the brows. Game changed! It didn’t stop there. When I woke up the next morning, my eyebrows were perfect; it was like I had a professional make up artist come to my house and custom-designed my eyebrows for me that morning. Nothing has changed; I still feel great and smile when I look in the mirror every morning.

Getting my eyebrows professionally done made such a huge personal impact on me and my life that I was inspired to pursue a career in Permanent Beauty. I realized that Digital Machine Technology provided more than the natural ability to create stunning eyebrows. It indirectly influenced positive change in individuals in terms of well-being, confidence, and morale.

So, in 2018 I was lucky enough to have been professionally trained and certified in the exclusive 3D Nano Brow Tattooing Technique, which was developed 5 years ago and provides the most natural Nano Brow Tattooing results yet. This is the most sought out cosmetic tattooing technique out there today! We are also professionally trained and certified in the elite art of Advanced Brow Creation.

While our highly respected and established colleagues provide this high-end and exclusive service in hot cities such as Paris, London and New York, BEAUTY BY SHAZMA is proud to serve our home city of Calgary, AB Canada!

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” – Coco Chanel

Our Mission

To create beautiful eyebrows unique to each individual through the use of modern-day Digital Machine Technology and the cutting-edge 3D Nano Brow Tattooing Technique.

Our Vision

Ignite positive change through each eyebrow creation.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that the well-being of our company and clients is dependent on how we conduct our business and our own commitment to a safe work environment. No job is regarded so urgently that time cannot be taken to do it safely. The welfare of the individual is our greatest concern.

Our Core Values

Safety First.

Pluralistic Viewpoint – Open to diverse ideas and beliefs. Each person is valued and included as an equal member.

Operate ethically with integrity and respect.

Fair Exchange – Value for each party through each exchange.

Harness change, stay educated and be committed to excellence.

Give Back – BEAUTY BY SHAZMA will donate $10.00 CDN from every client appointment to the choice of our client’s charity.

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” – Maya Angelou

Our Technique

Nano Needle

Nano 1 & Nano 2 Tattooing Techniques

Did you know that, traditionally, tattoos were created by cutting open the skin and rubbing pigment into the wound? Modern day tattooing is done with the use of a tattoo machine and needle. Nano 1 & Nano 2 are modern-day semi-permanent tattooing techniques that use a Digital Machine and Nano Needle to deposit ink pigment into the skin. The size of the nano needle (0.20mm-0.25mm) allows for the customized and precise placement of individual hair strokes for clients with thick, little, fine, or no eyebrow hair.

3D Nano Brow Tattooing is also referred to as Feather or Powder Brows and this technique is also utilized for Shading/Ombre Brows.

Why Use Digital Machine Technology

Digital Machine Technology is a highly beneficial option for our clients as it provides the ability to use different techniques and create a variety of different looks according to an individual’s personal needs, style, and taste. This new technology provides consistent vibration to the nanoneedle, enabling it to deposit ink pigment into deeper layers (dermis) of the skin in a consistent and uniform manner.

Since Digital Machine Technology and the 3D Nano Brow Tattooing Technique yield quality colour retention and healed results; the frequency of touch-ups are decreased; saving time, money, and trauma to the skin.

Digital Machine Technology