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About Beauty By Shazma

About Beauty By Shazma

BEAUTY BY SHAZMA is a proud Canadian Permanent Beauty Provider specializing in 3D Nano Brow Tattooing using Digital Machine Technology.

As professionally trained and certified Permanent Beauty Specialists, we believe in providing our clients access to the most up to date cosmetic tattooing techniques using the latest cosmetic tattooing technology available on the market today!

Why You Should Choose Beauty By Shazma

Safety First

Safety First

At BEAUTY BY SHAZMA, safety matters so much to us that Safety First is not only a core value of our business but also the pillar of our company philosophy.

We are fully compliant and up to date with federal, provincial, and local legislated requirements, including the new legislation that came into effect July 1, 2020 for the Personal Services Industry, and operate our business accordingly.

We offer our services in a private location by appointment only, so you reserve our studio to yourself and we fully dedicate our time and attention to you. This dedicated one on one time has been allocated to you so we can ensure that you are looked after and ensure that our environment remains controlled.

Cutting-edge Technology

At BEAUTY BY SHAZMA, we employ Digital Machine Technology to carry out all our procedures. This modern-day tattooing technology allows us to adapt several cosmetic tattooing techniques and create various looks.

This technologically advanced machinery and the 3D Nano Brow Tattooing Technique yield high-quality colour retention with healing resulting in decreased frequency of touch-ups, saving time, money, and trauma to the skin.

We are fully equipped to carry out an in-depth analysis of your eyebrows so that a tailored and customized solution through 3D Nano Brow Tattooing using Digital Machine Technology brings the best result that suits your unique individual needs.

Cutting-edge Technology

Custom Eyebrow Creations

Custom Eyebrow Creations

Our clients can rest assured that all our Permanent Beauty Specialists at BEAUTY BY SHAZMA are professionally trained and qualified cosmetic tattooing professionals who have the skills, education, and experience required to custom-tailor beautiful eyebrows.

We are accredited Permanent Beauty Specialists who understand the essential components necessary to produce a Three-Dimensional (3D) Image. It is crucial to know that a three-dimensional-design must have height, width, and depth as in the real world.

Real-world factors such as genetic makeup, skin undertone, face shape and facial symmetry, bone structure, eye shape, quantity and density of hair, lifestyle, profession, level of activity, health, personal style and taste, must all be thoroughly examined when creating a personalized three-dimensional eyebrow design.

Donating To The Community

Let Us Give Back

A strong core value of our business is to give back to our community. BEAUTY BY SHAZMA will donate $10.00 from every client transaction to their charity of choice.

By having our clients be the driving force behind choosing a charity of their choice to support, we hope to reach as many charitable organizations as possible.

“We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.”
– Mother Teresa

You Give Back To The Community

Our Services

Complimentary Pre-Procedure Consultation

Our complimentary Pre-Procedure Consultation is available to anyone interested in 3D Nano Eyebrow Tattooing.

This dedicated 30-minute professional consultation helps us to provide client-specific recommendations according to individual situations and needs.

All Pre-Procedure Consultations will be carried out on a virtual platform at this time.

If you are interested in eyebrow tattooing through 3D nano technology, then please call 587-917-5579 for a complimentary pre-procedure consultation today.

Complimentary Pre-Procedure Consultation

Professional Eyebrow Mapping and Shaping

Professional Eyebrow Mapping and Shaping

At BEAUTY BY SHAZMA, our Permanent Beauty Specialists work with clients on a one-on-one basis to ensure that the best-suited eyebrow shape and style is designed according to their needs.

Professional eyebrow mapping and shaping include consideration of aspects such as face shape, facial symmetry, bone structure, eye shape, skin type, texture, and skin undertone for each individual client.

Multiple measurements are taken while standing, seated, and laying down to ensure all angles are thoroughly inspected and eyebrow placement is precise.

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